Fire Retardant Bedding

Fire retardant bedding and bed linens for Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Residential Homes where the risks of fire from an accident arise. FR Fitted sheets, FR flat sheets, FR duvet covers, FR pillows, duvets & Pillows all FR bedding manufactured to Fire Retardant Source 5 & Source 7.

Flame / Fire Retardant Fabric

Flame or fire retardant fabric refers to materials that are resistant to catching fire. Substances are added to a material or applied to a surface to suppress, reduce, or delay the combustion of the material to a significant degree.

The Prison fire retardant bedding range is designed to meet the challenges of a prison environment where cell bedding needs to be fire resistant, vandal resistant and durable.

The Prison fire retardant bedding range extends to mattresses, pillows, fire resistant blankets, high-security blankets and other essential cell bedding.

We understand the importance of continuing to listen to Prison Officers and Procurement departments as we seek to design and manufacture products which meet the changing needs of a Prison cell environment. Our range of fire retardant bedding is designed to be fire and vandal resistant is making them ideal for use in Police Custody Suites, Holding Cells and Youth Hostels.

The mattresses are created to provide a durable and safer cushion, particularly for Youth Hostels. The welded seams ensure that the mattress is both durable and hygienic: liquids cannot ingress into the foam. The mattress is made of light-weight materials to assist maneuverability into bunk beds.

The cushion is fire resistant and is tested to BS 7175 1989 – source seven standards. Our 10.5 tog pro-ban treated cotton duvet is flame resistant to BS7175 1989 Source 7 standards.

Fire Retardant bedding can be the best choice in that matter as well. These two are not the only places where is need of such fire retardant fabric sheets. In areas where chances of fire are high, or you have small children that like to play with fire or matchsticks. You also need fire retardant fabric because safety is always a priority when it comes to kids. You can get these fire retardant bedding at cheap rates and high quality very quickly.


  Prisons in general and in particular ‘cellular accommodation’ areas are very vulnerable to the effects of fire due to the very nature of those committed to their care; with this in mind, the Prison Service Fire Safety Manual states:

“The type of bedding used has been controlled. The Prison Service only issue bedding, which conforms to laid down standards. All non-issue items must also conform to the same standard. Duvets, for example, must be to a standard at least equal to that which is required in hospitals or similar institutions.

The flammability standard necessary is Ignition Source 0 and 7 in accordance with British Standard 7175 1989 Section 2.3.3. Contact the Fire Safety Section for advice.”

The level of risk posed by bedding is determined by the fire risk assessment and subsequent advice given by Fire Safety Advisor. With this in mind, prisons should be seeking to supply mattress and furniture products that conform to ignition source 7+ as displayed on the labels etc. Further to this, advice from CPIG (Crown Premises Inspection Group) sets the standard that they expect to see used in prisons and the table below gives the ratings necessary for each article:
Fitted Sheet (All Sizes)BS 7175 1989 – source 7
Flat Sheet (All Sizes)BS 7175 1989 – source 7
Duvet / Quilt Cover (All Sizes)BS 7175 1989 – source 7
Fitted Valance Sheet (All Sizes)BS 7175 1989 – source 7
Platform Valance Sheet (All Sizes)BS 7175 1989 – source 7
Pillow CasesBS 7175 1989 – source 7
Bolster Pillow Case (All Sizes)BS 7175 1989 – source 7
V Shape PillowcaseBS 7175 1989 – source 7
Duvet / Quilt (Single)BS 7175 1989

*All Sizes: Single, Double, King Size, Bunk bed, 3 Quarter & Super King*
We offer made to measure item, e.g. Fitted Sheet with the deep corner, Valance sheet with longer frill.