Fire Retardant Prison Bedding

Moontex bedding was established in 1988 and provide good quality fire retardant bedding. Moontex bedding co Ltd started life as manufactures in textiles which they are still doing today. By selling to traders all over the UK. With an ever-expanding team of enthusiastic individuals throughout their company they have always been ambitious with their plans to drive Moontex Bedding co Ltd into new heights. Therefore to provide the best service for their customers. When It comes to family and friends sending Fire Retardant bedding, though you are allowed to purchase bedding for prisoners there are now new restrictions on what types of bedding may be held in possession.

All bedding must meet a fire rating of at least 7 (crib 7). No bedding which fails to reach this standard will be allowed. It’s important to remember that when buying bedding for prisoners, check with their prison to ensure you are allowed to provide it, and the best method of purchase. Moontex bedding had a rating of 7 (crib 7) which allows all materials of that rating to go into prison cells and high-risk environments.

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